Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Paint Brush Meadow - iPhoneography

Yesterday I returned from a backpacking trip to Jefferson Park in Oregon. The trip was full of beauty. I just loved the hike. I brought my new Olympus Pen however I find that I am still using the iPhone most of the time because of the convenience and simplicity. 
When I suggest that the iPhone is simple, I am meaning in the right in your pocket ready to go scenerio. After capture the process it is very enjoyable, thought provoking and engaging - anything but simple.
This morning I sat down with my iPad , planning on doing quick process to my photo of a meadow full of red Paint Brush flowers. (I was hoping for a short interruption to the "real" work I am suppose to do today.) When I began to process I felt myself immersed. The options, the details, the possibilities were surrounding me in a state of need to do it right. I soon became involved in the scene growing more at peace with it as the processed neared the end. I found myself blending this option with that option and building on it by masking in a little more detail here and there. Wanting the final image to be worthy of a blog posting and maybe even a printed version. 

Glaze x4
Image Blender

Lots of love....

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Teri Lou and her Big Girl Camera - Olympus Pen E-P5

I did it. I bought a new camera that isn't a phone. Why? well I wanted more. More clarity, more compression, more stability. What I haven't given up is my desire and love of iOS/iPad processing. So here is the first post of my new adventure.

Besides the features I listed above, one requirement was light weight. For all the backpacking, hiking and adventures I do I really needed a camera that didn't weigh much. Another need was interchangeable lens. I wanted to use my camera to zoom instead of always just my feet.

So how do I like it after my first 400 images? I am struggling. My frustrations are with focusing and exposure. I need to sit down and spend some time reading the manual and watching the CD for the advance features. So I will share with you images and thoughts as I progress.

What I am loving is the HDR settings. That was one of the first features I learned how to set up.

The day after the camera arrived I met my friend Scooter in Seattle and asked him to join me for a walk to Volunteer Park. I wanted to duplicate an image in the tower I had captured with my iPhone over a year ago.

I set up the camera to capture 3 HDR images. Handheld, I then shot two images of the scene over lapping them by 1/3 so I could stitch them together with AutoStitch on my iPad.

The above image is the final result. Captured with the E-P5, processed with AutoStitch, Snapseed, ToonPaint, ImageBlender, TouchRetouch and Impression.

The above image is the image after processing the 6 images with just AutoStitch.

The above image is the iPhone version I captured in 2012.

In conclusion: The Olympus did capture more pixels but the processing was decided by the direction of the artist. As with all all new things there is a learning curve and as with a few things the steeper the learning curve the greater the reward. I look forward to learning and discovering more in the coming days.

If you would like to continue on this new adventure with me please make sure to follow this blog along with my iPhoneography with Teri Lou one.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Reserved for Nina - part one of four

Word Foto
Reserved for Nina is a Four Part Tutorial describing the workflow process of several applications. In Part One Teri Lou explains the overall steps and the app Word Foto. Other applications that will be used are: Image Blender, Filterstorm, Snapseed, FX Photo Studio, Dynamic Light and Impression.

You can find the Tutorial here

go to:

Saturday, October 6, 2012

PhotoToaster Tutorial with a bit of Image Blender

PhotoToaster video tutorial
Be sure to watch this tutorial on PhotoToaster with a bit of Image Blender on my YouTube channel. Also make sure to follow this channel ans this blog so you don't miss the ones in the future.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Teri Lou First Public Hangout part 1 and part 2

Even with a few glitches the first hangout was a success! See side bar for the You Tube links to Teri Lou First Hangout Part 1 and 2

First Google+ Hangout

Sunday at 6pm I will be having my first Google Hangout at 6pm Pacific time. Please tune in.